August 26, 2013

Tuesday thoughts...

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Ranuncula, sweet peas and hellebores for a winter wedding.  I love making bouquets. I love the connection to the bride, the symbolic meaning, the careful planning of colour, texture and form.  I love the relationship between the bouquet and the dress, the old-world tradition, the sheer romance of it all.

So, Tenth Meadow shop update: It's coming along! Still heading for September 12 (that's a Thursday).  Currently alternating stressing-out sessions and trips to the hardware store with drinking reds at Cantina and pretending that it's all pretty much done. That's in between all the flower arranging, deliveries, client meetings, bridal consults, etc etc.  If I'm looking quite relaxed in the above photo, it's probably because I'm power napping.

The teller at the bank said to me last week, "renovations huh?".  I thought she must have tuned in to my thoughts through some kind of sympathetic women's intuition.  Turns out I just had a whole heap of paint in my hair.

See you all soon...

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