August 2, 2013

Hi there stranger.

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Hi, remember me? Yes, it's been a little while between posts, I've been busy renovating the new shop space, painting walls, ripping up shagpile carpet, sweeping and scraping.   The latest update: Early September.  Yep.  Renovations have a way of taking way longer than we hope, but I'm choosing not to stress, after all, the September opening will be in perfect time for all the Spring flowers to burst forth and do their thing: sweet peas, blossoms, rhododendrons, hellebores, jasmine...then a little bit later the first flush of roses...and then peonies...I hope I never lose the excitement that Spring brings.  I'm gonna fill that little shop to bursting!

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All this musing on Spring and THE END OF WINTER has got me thinking about peonies.  Difficult to grow in Adelaide, but not impossible. I believe they have an easier time with them in Victoria and Tasmania and last November/December we did a few events with peonies galore; one bride in particular timed her entire wedding around their short blooming season (hi Mary x).  Hundreds of peonies arrived for us on a Virgin flight from Victoria, precious cargo carefully picked from the fields the evening before.  The warmth of the studio meant that the tightly rounded buds popped open before our eyes, magic.

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Thank you so much to Alia from Whitewall Photography who dropped by and shot these beautiful evocative images while we worked.  I love this photo essay for its moment captured in time. We are no longer working from this Oakbank barn, having outgrown the space, but some floral workshops here are in the planning for the Summer...
And thankyou to Nicole and Anni, my beautiful, patient and devoted floral assistants on this day xx. 

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