June 20, 2012

New Studio

What a weekend.  See, it’s Wednesday and I still haven’t caught up.  What a great party on Sunday to celebrate the new studio we have made for The Bluebell Society, and for Justin’s wooden wonders at Oak&Elm.  It’s so lovely to now have a space to work that is beautiful and warm. And for people to come and visit and drink tea and talk about flowers.

I made these flowers as party arrangements for the studio launch and they flashed their pink-petaled beauty through the crowd.  How different they look in these pics; I crept back into the studio the next morning and captured them in the silence, with daylight softly filtering down from above. 

June 14, 2012

Adelaide Cabaret Festival

Now that the wedding season is coming to a close over the Winter, things should be calming down a bit in the world of flowers.  Not for this little flower lady, however; I’ve just come out the other side of the busiest week in recent memory. One major project has been creating floral installations for the Adelaide Cabaret Festival Gala Opening and Moet & Chandon after-party. The flowers had to sit alongside David Bromley’s paintings and the brief was for flowers that created a sense of wonder.  Inspired by the vertical gardens of Patrick Blanc verticalgardenpatrickblanc.com I dressed tall pillars in sheaths of foliage and longiflorum lilies so that guests stumbled across them in the crowded room. See installation pics below.