August 12, 2013

Hellebores & Happiness

August2 August13

Today I woke up, wandered out to the kitchen, made a cup of coffee.  Looked out the window and there were ducks swimming on the lawn.  So much rain, so much mud, but at least the ducks are happy.  If one more filthy, sodden terrier runs through our house I swear I'm going to staplegun those blue Bunnings tarps to the floorboards, embrace the mud, and just rip up the plastic sometime in November.  Yep, living the country dream.  I watched Stealing Beauty twice over so that I could feel good again about crumbling houses and rural living.

Farm2 August9 August10

Last week I got asked to do an artist talk at the Flinders Art Museum.  I have a painting in their current exhibition, "Crystal Palace".  I generally get really freaked out about talking about my paintings; I love talking about just about any other topic, just give me an audience, but the art world can be a funny judgmental place at times and speaking about my paintings can sometimes feel like baring my soul.  So there I was, nervously trying to articulate myself in front of a serious little crowd, and suddenly I found myself talking about flowers.  And I felt truly happy. 

August6 August11

The Tenth Meadow flower shop is due to open September 12th. Beyond excited!!!!  Setting an actual opening date seems like the best way to just get it together and get it done.   It's at 10 Compton street Adelaide, next to the beautiful Push Pin Boutique, if you're walking by and want to peer through the window.  Warning: renos still in progress so don't be alarmed if all you see is plaster dust and dropsheets.  No flowers in the house as yet. But soon.......!!

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