August 29, 2013

The colour of dusk

Clare4 Clare7

Plum and burgundy notes for a sophisticated wedding. Pared back, intimate dinner, dark eclectic flowers.  Thank you Clare for giving me a colour - deepest maroon - and then just letting me run with the flowers, complete trust.

Clare16 Clare21

Am still thinking about these black hellebores, their dusky magic. I totally live for the special flowers like these, the interesting stuff, the unexpected arrivals. I was reading an interview recently with florist/artist hero Thierry Boutemy and one piece of floral advice he gave was to humble the superstar flowers - "if a flower is important, make it less important"; if a bloom like a peony is crying for attention, tuck it in lower in the arrangement, treat it mean.  It follows then that the smaller, quieter flowers can have their place in the spotlight; all the little interesting blooms, the delicate, the dark, can move up and intrigue us with their subtle charms.
I like the flowers that don't clamour for attention, those that when you carefully hold them and turn them upwards toward your face, their beauty is revealed, and is breathtaking.  (I like people like that too).

Clare22 Clare2 Clare24

Thank you The Props Dept for letting me put flowers on your cool stuff.

August 26, 2013

Tuesday thoughts...

Rebecca1 Rebecca9

Ranuncula, sweet peas and hellebores for a winter wedding.  I love making bouquets. I love the connection to the bride, the symbolic meaning, the careful planning of colour, texture and form.  I love the relationship between the bouquet and the dress, the old-world tradition, the sheer romance of it all.

So, Tenth Meadow shop update: It's coming along! Still heading for September 12 (that's a Thursday).  Currently alternating stressing-out sessions and trips to the hardware store with drinking reds at Cantina and pretending that it's all pretty much done. That's in between all the flower arranging, deliveries, client meetings, bridal consults, etc etc.  If I'm looking quite relaxed in the above photo, it's probably because I'm power napping.

The teller at the bank said to me last week, "renovations huh?".  I thought she must have tuned in to my thoughts through some kind of sympathetic women's intuition.  Turns out I just had a whole heap of paint in my hair.

See you all soon...

August 12, 2013

Hellebores & Happiness

August2 August13

Today I woke up, wandered out to the kitchen, made a cup of coffee.  Looked out the window and there were ducks swimming on the lawn.  So much rain, so much mud, but at least the ducks are happy.  If one more filthy, sodden terrier runs through our house I swear I'm going to staplegun those blue Bunnings tarps to the floorboards, embrace the mud, and just rip up the plastic sometime in November.  Yep, living the country dream.  I watched Stealing Beauty twice over so that I could feel good again about crumbling houses and rural living.

Farm2 August9 August10

Last week I got asked to do an artist talk at the Flinders Art Museum.  I have a painting in their current exhibition, "Crystal Palace".  I generally get really freaked out about talking about my paintings; I love talking about just about any other topic, just give me an audience, but the art world can be a funny judgmental place at times and speaking about my paintings can sometimes feel like baring my soul.  So there I was, nervously trying to articulate myself in front of a serious little crowd, and suddenly I found myself talking about flowers.  And I felt truly happy. 

August6 August11

The Tenth Meadow flower shop is due to open September 12th. Beyond excited!!!!  Setting an actual opening date seems like the best way to just get it together and get it done.   It's at 10 Compton street Adelaide, next to the beautiful Push Pin Boutique, if you're walking by and want to peer through the window.  Warning: renos still in progress so don't be alarmed if all you see is plaster dust and dropsheets.  No flowers in the house as yet. But soon.......!!

August 2, 2013

Hi there stranger.

Oakbank2 Oakbank15 Oakbank4

Hi, remember me? Yes, it's been a little while between posts, I've been busy renovating the new shop space, painting walls, ripping up shagpile carpet, sweeping and scraping.   The latest update: Early September.  Yep.  Renovations have a way of taking way longer than we hope, but I'm choosing not to stress, after all, the September opening will be in perfect time for all the Spring flowers to burst forth and do their thing: sweet peas, blossoms, rhododendrons, hellebores, jasmine...then a little bit later the first flush of roses...and then peonies...I hope I never lose the excitement that Spring brings.  I'm gonna fill that little shop to bursting!

Oakbank6 Oakbank7 Oakbank3

All this musing on Spring and THE END OF WINTER has got me thinking about peonies.  Difficult to grow in Adelaide, but not impossible. I believe they have an easier time with them in Victoria and Tasmania and last November/December we did a few events with peonies galore; one bride in particular timed her entire wedding around their short blooming season (hi Mary x).  Hundreds of peonies arrived for us on a Virgin flight from Victoria, precious cargo carefully picked from the fields the evening before.  The warmth of the studio meant that the tightly rounded buds popped open before our eyes, magic.

Oakbank18 Oakbank12

Thank you so much to Alia from Whitewall Photography who dropped by and shot these beautiful evocative images while we worked.  I love this photo essay for its moment captured in time. We are no longer working from this Oakbank barn, having outgrown the space, but some floral workshops here are in the planning for the Summer...
And thankyou to Nicole and Anni, my beautiful, patient and devoted floral assistants on this day xx. 

Oakbank1 Oakbank14