August 29, 2013

The colour of dusk

Clare4 Clare7

Plum and burgundy notes for a sophisticated wedding. Pared back, intimate dinner, dark eclectic flowers.  Thank you Clare for giving me a colour - deepest maroon - and then just letting me run with the flowers, complete trust.

Clare16 Clare21

Am still thinking about these black hellebores, their dusky magic. I totally live for the special flowers like these, the interesting stuff, the unexpected arrivals. I was reading an interview recently with florist/artist hero Thierry Boutemy and one piece of floral advice he gave was to humble the superstar flowers - "if a flower is important, make it less important"; if a bloom like a peony is crying for attention, tuck it in lower in the arrangement, treat it mean.  It follows then that the smaller, quieter flowers can have their place in the spotlight; all the little interesting blooms, the delicate, the dark, can move up and intrigue us with their subtle charms.
I like the flowers that don't clamour for attention, those that when you carefully hold them and turn them upwards toward your face, their beauty is revealed, and is breathtaking.  (I like people like that too).

Clare22 Clare2 Clare24

Thank you The Props Dept for letting me put flowers on your cool stuff.

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