July 3, 2012

Winter Bouquets

Every Winter I wonder if it really was a bad idea to move up here to the ‘Hills, its so damn cold.  We moan about our desire to buy a cosy apartment somewhere in the inner city with central heating and carpet and nice modern insulation.  But then Spring comes and I relent, and then get all smug and think that yes what a good idea it was to live out here, as if we would ever live in the city when the sun is shining on the orchard and the birds are peeping.  Winter can be hard. And muddy.

Anyway, to cheer us all up here are some of my bouquets, all made in Winter.  The people at the Tulip farm in Victoria work their magic so that we can get them early (mine are still green points poking through the soil).  These parrot tulips and double tulips are off the dial, amazing.  And the waterlilies….