May 25, 2013

St Laurence

Chloes11 ChloesDoub2
Large urn arrangements for a traditional wedding ceremony at St Laurence in North Adelaide.  This church has the most beautiful marble carvings, stained glass and wooden vaulted ceiling. I took photos like a tourist before rushing off across town to set up flowers for the reception dinner.


Churches make me nostalgic. They remind me of school, where we had to go to chapel most mornings before classes began.  We all had a prayerbook of our own, given to us by the school, and in about year seven I emblazoned mine, front and back, with pictures of Jonathon Brandis, torn out of Smash Hits magazine and carefully preserved under a layer of contact.  I think my best friend Georgie had Jonathan on her book as well. Devout fans.


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