May 10, 2013

Remember Summer?

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Remember when it's like 40 degrees in the shade and we're all whining because it's soooo hot?  The day we set up for this wedding was a bit like that.  Why did I wear tights, why? The reason: when you wake up at 4am in the Hills because you have to go to the studio to wire up 12 buttonholes and it's freezing and dark and you're half asleep rummaging through your drawers for something that doesn't need ironing, you can sometimes make bad wardrobe decisions.  Like 100 denier at the beach.
Looking down the barrel of a week of rain, the hot weather seems like a pleasant misty memory. Ahh, blue sky, glassy sea, palm trees swaying in the breeze.
We travelled a little down the coast for this one, an extravaganza of a wedding for a magazine editor from Sydney.  The bride is a lover of zesty colour, so we went all out with drifts of tropicana coloured blooms, a huge floral arch, and a cascading platform of flowers over the bridal table.  Pina colada anyone?


It's kind of funny looking back at these shots because the colours and the flowers and the beachside setting dragged me way out of my comfort zone. It's good to do that occasionally.  I'm a lover of navy blue and maroon and grey skies and wintertime and melancholy music and red wine and eating too much.  I don't own a pair of bathers, or a beach towel, I'm scared of swimming in the sea.  In a creative sense,  designing for this event was like going on a holiday to Zanzibar, and I mean that in a good way.

NB: Lucy, we look like the floral Blues Brothers.

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