May 25, 2013



More and more of you are coming to me with an understanding and enthusiasm for seasonal flowers.  If it's April and you wanted peonies, well, that's ok, we'll just use David Austen roses and dahlias instead.  It's August and all the old-fashioned roses have gone to sleep for the season? Ok, hellebores are amazing, let's use those, with some early narcissus. It's like buying fruit and veg: those tomatoes that tasted so good in January will be hard and horrible if shipped from America in the dead of winter.  Seasonal flowers are picked at their best, from soil close to home.

These pics were from a winery wedding in the Adelaide hills.  Soft and bridal, but carrying with them the earthy tones of the season.  She wanted an interesting garden-picked style, with lots of textured twigs, seeds and berries.  He wasn't sure about having a buttonhole at all. But a rustic spray of masculine textures has romance without the froth.

Jessica11 Jessica6

After this wedding, I'm in love with wrist corsages again.  I've always found them fiddly and a bit outdated, but I've changed my mind since making this Mother's corsage.  On grandmothers especially, they seem fitting, and nostalgic; carrying memories of dances and country halls, homemade dresses,  and sweethearts walking home on summer evenings. 

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  1. These are beautiful. Thanks so much for your amazing work Morgan :)