March 31, 2013


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Walking through the gates of Kingsbrook at Currency Creek is like walking through a portal into another world of Mediterranean luxe and tennis parties, pimms, perfect espalier and giant placid hounds snoozing on the grass.  I love this place.  It reminds me of what our farm will look like when we win the MegaLotto and hire Arne Maynard to come over and "do" the garden. 


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This couple had the kind of effortless laid-back style that transcends those little stresses in life like organizing a sit-down wedding banquet for 120 guests on an open-air terrace.  While they got ready, I worked in the shade of an ancient pear tree; diligently poking tulips into urns while resisting the temptation to nick off into the restaurant for a G'n'T to sip in the sunshine.


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