March 31, 2013

An Easter Wedding

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I wish I was the daughter of an apple farmer, or, more specifically, I wish I was the last in a long line of apple farmers reaching back through the centuries, with an apple named after me (Morgan's Dusky Pippin).  Today's bride is from a family of apple farmers and when I heard this all I wanted to do with her wedding flowers was include lichen-laden apple branches and fruit.  If only it was spring... oh blossom ...sigh.

I am sure I am romanticizing an occupation that is in fact extremely hard work - a bit like floristry, ha.  Hard yakka, stressful weather conditions, vermin, insects; there is a flip side to every coin I am sure.  I really do love driving past the local apple orchards near the farm though, and visiting the apple shed on the main road where you can pick up bags of apples fresh from the grower.  I am glad the local growers are here, it's been testing times:


Huge bouquets are my own personal bias and my heart always sinks just a tiny little bit when I'm doing a consult and she says "oh, nothing too over the top, just something really simple and small".
When I get married, the bouquet's going to be so big it'll be dragging along the floor.

Anyway, today's bride was so lovely and tall that I made her a big blousy bouquet to carry, a heady mix of roses, tulip and tuberose, in apple blossom colours.  Cosmos from our own farm, hurrah!

And a trailing garland of roses and apple leaves for the bridal table...


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