July 3, 2014

Where did Summer and Autumn disappear to?

I've been hoarding images for our new website - coming soon- and using that as an excuse for not writing anything here.  The real reason I haven't been blogging is simply that I haven't had the time or energy.  Its been rush rush rush: over the past 10 months we have opened a shop, closed it again (I didn't want a shop, just thought that I did), worked on over 40 beautiful weddings, planted our first large flower fields, made a lot of mistakes, had some exciting creative moments, collaborated with some fabulous people, and learned a lot about where we want this little flower business of ours to go.

We can't all do everything all the time, which is a hard lesson to learn if you are like me and doing everything (and doing it perfectly) seems like the only path to self acceptance.  I think a lot of women feel this way and perhaps it is time to give ourselves a break.  This year we plan to take on less events and make them as insanely beautiful as we can.  We plan to focus more energy on our flower gardens, to incorporate more of our own clean seasonal blooms into the arrangements we provide.  The most exciting development for us is our moving the  flower studio out of the city and back up to the farm, to be nearer our own flower beds and other Adelaide Hills suppliers.  Which is where this finds me now: working on a combination of wedding proposals, packing moving boxes, and barrowing loads of compost across the gardens.

For those of you planning your wedding, our floral consultations will still be held in our city shop-space near Chinatown.  And we travel!  -we've had a few enquiries recently about whether we work outside of South Australia, and the answer of course is yes we do.

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