June 26, 2013



This wedding last weekend in the old Gnadenberg church in the Barossa Valley was a perfect example of what can be achieved with a minimum of fuss, a romantic heart, nostalgic leanings, and a perfect blue sky. 70 guests for a ceremony in the tiny church, followed by food and drink in the church hall. Simple. And it was so gorgeous, beyond description, steeped in a heartfelt authenticity that can sometimes be absent from huge extravaganzas, with all their bells and whistles.
Just a beautiful frock, an heirloom veil, an abundance of flowers, the best catering, and loving kin. What more could you ask for?

At risk of sounding like a devotee of HELLO! magazine, I often reflect in a similar way about the wedding of Jamie Oliver to the lovely Jools; about how steeped it was in old-fashioned village traditions despite the celebrity palaver, from the wildflower bouquet to the wedding procession through the old village.  I LOVE that they did this (google it now).  Can someone from around here please book in at an old country church and then arrange to have the street closed so that all their guests can parade through the village throwing flowers and twirling streamers on sticks?  Can you do it in the Adelaide Hills, or in a little town like Auburn, and make it springtime? Thankyou, oh, and then let me know so that I can festoon the church doorway in an archway of scented flowers.

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  1. I searched and searched for 'you' but alas 7 years too early- if only I could turn the clock back, find you and your gorgeous flowers and get married again!