October 25, 2012

Spring jewels.

I have been sick as an old dog for nearly the whole month, and the flowers just keep happily blooming without me. It’s harsh but true.  I was in bed for a week with flu and I walked outside after 8 days and the Cecile Brunner rambling rose on the verandah was positively bursting with sprays of exuberant pink. Time waits for no man, or flower lady.

The season so far has been the perfect mix of rain and shine - I used to complain about late rain in spring putting a dampener on fun, but not any more.  Now I lie inside listening to the rain on the roof and I know that outside all the plants would be smiling if they were able.  The flowers at the farm are growing and growing in billowing drifts of green and many are ready for cutting.

Darkest hellebores and miniature daffodil “Tete a Tete” from our Spring garden…

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